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"Roskosmos" will celebrate Cosmonautics Day for 22 million rubles

Roscosmos Corporation will spend 22 million rubles to celebrate Cosmonautics Day on April 12, 2019. This follows from the data of the public procurement portal.

The tender for the organization of the event was posted on April 5th. The holiday should be held in the Kremlin Palace. Representatives of the government, Roskosmos top management, cosmonauts and veterans of the rocket and space industry will be invited to the Cosmonautics Day. Three to five thousand guests are expected.

In accordance with the terms of reference, the contractor should develop an event scenario “in the form of musical theatricalization, telling about the most significant events in the history of Russian space, inextricably linked with the landmark milestones of our country”. It is assumed that the festive concert will involve at least a thousand people, including Russian pop stars, as well as dance and pop groups. For the festival will invite popular artists from the TV show.

In addition, the performer will be responsible for organizing a festive reception, photography, decoration of the Kremlin Palace and security at the event. They plan to broadcast the holiday on the NTV channel.

In March, the general director of Roskosmos, Dmitry Rogozin, complained about the lack of state funding. According to him, the budget of the state corporation is “almost 20 times smaller” than the budget of NASA, which is why it is difficult for the company to support promising projects. Rogozin noted that "this is not a question for Roscosmos."