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Russia explained the failure of the MIM-104 Patriot in Saudi Arabia

American-made air defense systems (Air Defense) could not repel an attack by drones in Saudi Arabia because of a mismatch with the declared characteristics, TASS reports a senior official to the Russian Ministry of Defense.

The interlocutor said that currently 88 launchers of MIM-104 Patriot systems are covering the northern border of Saudi Arabia, of which 36 are PAC-2 and 52 are PAC-3 modifications, and there are three naval destroyers in the Persian Gulf off the coast of the state US forces (Navy), which are equipped with Aegis missile defense systems (ABM), which are armed with 100 SM-2 modification missiles.

“The question arises how such a really powerful air defense system could miss dozens of drones and cruise missiles. There can only be one reason: the American-advertised SAMs (anti-aircraft missile systems) Patriot and Aegis do not meet the declared characteristics – they have low efficiency in combating small-sized air targets and cruise missiles, ”the source said.

The interlocutor concluded that American-made air defense systems "are simply not ready to repel the enemy’s massive use of air attack in a real combat situation."

The attack on Saudi Aramco facilities in Saudi Arabia occurred on the morning of September 14th. In the incident, Riyadh and Washington accuse Tehran, which supports the Hussite Yemeni rebels who claimed responsibility for the attack. According to the Saudi Ministry of Defense and Aviation, 18 unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and seven cruise missiles carried out an attack on Saudi Aramco facilities. US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo, commenting on the inaction of the MIM-104 Patriot in an attack on Saudi Aramco facilities in Saudi Arabia, said that air defense systems do not always show the desired result.


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