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Russian scientists have discovered the remains of ancient amphibians in an unusual place

Paleontologists in the Astrakhan region discovered the remains of amphibians that lived more than 200 million years ago. This was announced by the head of the expedition Igor Novikov, reports TASS.

Excavations were carried out by the Paleontological Institute. A.A. Borisyak RAS together with the Samara Paleontological Society on the territory of the Bogdinsko-Baskunchaksky reserve. In particular, scientists found a part of the skull of ritidosteus – amphibian, which was previously found only in the territory of South Africa and the South Urals.

“This is a unique find, all the material found is confined to sediments of the Early Triassic era,” Novikov noted.

In addition, the skull of another ancient amphibian, the parotozuchus, was discovered. In the future, valuable findings are planned to be investigated at the Paleontological Institute.