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Russian Su-57 found a new buyer

Myanmar could become another buyer of the fifth-generation Russian fighter Su-57. It is reported by MilitaryWatch.

According to the publication, such information appeared against the backdrop of rapidly developing military-technical cooperation between the two countries. It is known that at present the bulk of Myanmar’s military aviation is made up of Russian MiG-29 light fighters. However, the country's adopted program for the modernization of the Air Force provides for the purchase of heavy fighters: in particular, in 2018, Myanmar ordered six Su-30SMs from Russia and plans to purchase several more such aircraft in the future.

At the same time, writes MilitaryWatch, the capabilities of the Su-30SM as a 4+ generation aircraft may not be enough amid the modernization of the air forces of neighboring countries, and the acquisition of the Su-57 would allow Myanmar to control both Japan and other countries of Southeast Asia. Thus, the purchase of fifth-generation Russian fighters could be a profitable investment for Myanmar, despite the fact that they cost 40 percent more than the Su-30SM and are much more expensive to operate.

Given the country's small military budget – about two billion dollars a year, Myanmar can hardly afford to place the same large order for the Su-57 as Turkey or India, but even a dozen aircraft would be enough to provide the country with the necessary advantage, the publication believes . At the same time, according to him, Myanmar will likely have to wait until the mid-2020s in order to be able to place its order.

According to MilitaryWatch, China, Algeria, Vietnam and India have already expressed interest in purchasing Russian Su-57s. It was also previously reported that Turkey does not exclude the possibility of buying Russian Su-57 fighters on favorable terms.