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Russian T-90S in India bursts a barrel

During firing at the Pokhran army training ground in Jaisalmer (India), a gun barrel was blown up by a powerful explosion near the T-90S tank, India Today reports.

No one was hurt as a result of the incident. The reason for the rupture of the trunk has not yet been named. An investigation has been launched at the scene of the incident.

India acquired more than 300 T-90S units, and Vietnam became the last country to receive such equipment (32 cars).

In January, The National Interest wrote that the T-90C is half the price of the American M1 Abrams, combines the advantages of the T-72 and T-80, and therefore is one of the most successful offers of such military equipment in the world market.

T-90C is an export version of the T-90. There are no "Shtora" floodlights on the tank, which are replaced by additional blocks of built-in dynamic protection. Also, the armored car is equipped with air conditioning. Foreign operators of the T-90S are, in particular, India (about a thousand tanks) and Vietnam (64 tanks).


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