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Shooting of Russian "Daggers" showed on video

In the area of ​​the Franz Josef Land archipelago in the north of the Barents Sea, the exercises of the Arctic group of the Northern Fleet of the Russian Navy took place. The Ministry of Defense on its official YouTube channel published a video of firing from the anti-aircraft missile system (SAM) “Dagger”.

The video shows how the crew of "Vice Admiral Kulakov" fulfills the reflection of an air attack of a conditional enemy. Also, large landing ships Alexander Otrakovsky and Kondopoga were involved in the maneuvers.

In addition, the crews of warships practiced firing from AK-100 and AK-725 artillery mounts, as well as high-speed small-caliber anti-aircraft artillery – AK-630 complexes. It is noted that the exercises took place in stormy conditions and in strong gusty winds.

Previous dagger trials were reported in early September. Then the Pacific Fleet of the Russian Navy in the exercises on collective defense used an air defense system for a conditional enemy in the Sea of ​​Okhotsk. To repel the attack, the Varyag guards missile cruiser also deployed the S-300F Fort air defense system and the Osa air defense system, while the Rapid destroyer used the Hurricane multiple launch rocket system.

"Dagger" – the Russian all-weather sea-based anti-aircraft missile system, which is designed to repel massive attacks of air attack weapons. SAM, developed by Altair NPO, adopted in 1989. It allows you to hit missiles and bombs of the enemy in a radius of up to 12 kilometers.


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