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Signs of a monstrous catastrophe found on Mars

An international team of scientists discovered signs of a giant tsunami that happened on Mars billions of years ago when an asteroid fell. Due to a collision with a celestial body, the Martian crater of Lomonosov arose. This was reported in a press release on Phys.org.

Planetologists have discovered geological formations, which in their structure resemble similar structures formed on Earth due to large waves caused by meteorites. In the late Hesperian period (about two billion years ago on the Martian geochronological scale), celestial bodies that caused megatsunami fell into the oceans that existed on the Red Planet at that time. In turn, the waves formed a coastline in the northwest of Arabian land.

The orientation of the geological formations associated with the tsunami indicates that the impact crater located at the source of the waves should have been located north of the Arabian land. Scientists analyzed ten craters, but only the Lomonosov crater with a diameter of 120 kilometers had features characteristic of a marine crater. Its age coincides with the age of geological structures, which is estimated at three billion years.


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