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SpaceX called the cause of the explosion Crew Dragon

The cause of the explosion on the Crew Dragon manned spacecraft on April 20 during ground tests was the failure of the non-return valve of the propellant helium propulsion system, SpaceX reports.

The American company notes that the incident, which occurred 0.1 seconds before the launch of the SuperDraco engines of the emergency rescue system of the ship, was triggered by the ingress of an oxidizing agent (nitrogen tetraoxide) into the boost system pipe, which caused a fire under high temperature and pressure conditions when interacting with a titanium valve.

For safety reasons, SpaceX has replaced non-return valves with bursting discs.

In May, the company admitted that during the incident of April 20, the manned ship Crew Dragon, which flew on March 2 (in unmanned mode) to the International Space Station (ISS), was destroyed.


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