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SpaceX launched 60 satellites for the global Internet

The Falcon 9 launch vehicle owned by SpaceX Ilona Mask launched 60 satellites into orbit as part of the Starlink mission, designed to create global access to high-performance Internet. At the same time, the successful deployment of spacecraft was confirmed, according to the company's Twitter page.

The launch of Falcon 9 took place on Friday, May 24, at 05:30 Moscow time at Cape Canaveral (Florida, USA). The first reusable rocket stage landed on a floating platform Of Course I Still Love You off the east coast of the Atlantic Ocean. The weight of the entire cargo amounted to 18.5 tons, which is a record for SpaceX rockets.

The Starlink global Internet access program, announced by SpaceX in January 2015, involves launching 4425 vehicles into orbit at an altitude of 1110-1325 kilometers and 7518 vehicles to an altitude of 335-346 kilometers. The mass of each satellite is 386 kilograms. The claimed bandwidth of the communication channel will be one gigabit per second per user.


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