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SpaceX launched all 27 Falcon Heavy engines at once

The US company SpaceX on the site 39A of the Kennedy Space Center (USA) conducted a “quick” fire tests of the engines Merlin 1D super-heavy Falcon rocket, reports Teslarati.

The publication notes that we are talking about the short inclusion of the power units of the central unit and a pair of lateral accelerators of the carrier, which should start on June 24 in the interests of the United States Air Force.

According to SpaceX CEO Ilona Mask, this mission will be "the most difficult launch of the company."

According to Teslarati, the central unit, upper stage and rocket fairing were recently produced by SpaceX, while a pair of side accelerators (B1052 and B1053) were used in the second launch of the extra heavy rocket.

The first start of the Falcon Heavy took place in February 2018. The second launch took place in April 2019. In the maximum configuration, the carrier is capable of delivering 64 tons to low earth orbit. Currently, Falcon Heavy is the only super heavyweight rocket in the world.


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