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SpaceX lunar ship burns again

The prototype of Starship, known as Starhopper, created by SpaceX, an American company, caught fire during tests at the Boca Chica training ground in Texas (USA). The corresponding video was posted on Twitter by NASASpaceFlight.com managing editor Chris Bergin.

As reported in the publication of the American portal, the Raptor rocket engine allowed the Starhopper prototype to go up a few centimeters, however, it was turned off due to a fire. Initially, the spacecraft was supposed to rise to a height of about 20 meters and perform several maneuvers to the side.

Earlier in July, a Starhopper prototype caught fire during a Raptor static fire test.

In November 2018, the head of SpaceX, Elon Musk, announced that the second stage of the Falcon 9 heavy rocket was planned to be converted into a smaller version of the BFR (Big Falcon Rocket).

Starship is the second stage of SpaceX's reusable BFR space transport system. The second stage will receive 6 Raptor engines, the first – 31. Raptor is distinguished by the greatest thrust-to-weight ratio (the ratio of the thrust developed by the power unit to its weight) among all rocket engines ever created. In the reusable version, the BFR system is designed to bring up to 150 tons of payload into low Earth orbit and return to Earth up to 50 tons, as well as comfortable transportation of up to 100 people (2-3 in a cabin) to the Moon and Mars. The system should fly in 2022.


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