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SpaceX sues US government again

The US space company SpaceX sued the US government in connection with the fight for contracts to launch national defense satellites. It is reported by The Washington Post, with reference to court documents.

The statement of the company states that the text of the claim should not be disclosed, but the final decision on its classification will be taken by the US Federal Court.

The fact that the lawsuit relates specifically to the state procurement program is connected by the newspaper with the fact that at the same time, the US Air Force began to prepare major space launch contracts. Contracts are valued at several billion dollars.

Last year, SpaceX lost a contract to the air force to fund the development of missiles to launch government satellites.

According to GeekWire, SpaceX sued the US government in 2014 because of the transfer of the contract to the 36 rocket stages of the company ULA due to the fact that only she had certification for launches in the interests of national security.