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Su-57 improved container

A suspension container placed on the suspension under the left wing of the fifth-generation fighter of the Su-57 (under the air intake) can help increase the aircraft’s shock capabilities to hit ground targets, for example, locating and tracking targets, as well as highlighting ammunition, military expert Anton Lavrov told Vzglyad.

“An increase in resolution, improved optics, improved image stabilization and laser illumination – in these areas, suspension containers for fighter target designation can be modernized,” the specialist told the newspaper.

In September, photographers Vadim Savitsky and Alexander Martynov posted a photograph of the Su-57 with a hanging container of an unknown type on the net.

In the same month, Lavrov said that the joint use of the Su-57 and the heavy strike reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) S-70 Okhotnik would reduce the range of weapons of the first.


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