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Su-57 will be deprived of weapons

The combined use of a fifth-generation fighter Su-57 and a heavy strike reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) S-70 Okhotnik will reduce the range of weapons of the first, military expert Anton Lavrov writes in Izvestia.

In his opinion, the drone’s great advantage is “the ability to carry heavy combat load and any aviation ammunition for thousands of kilometers”, as a result of which “unmanned aerial vehicles can be used to build up the strike capabilities of manned aircraft” and “target designation for each other”.

“At the same time, the combat load of the fighter can be lightened and limited to missiles for air combat, which will give it the opportunity to protect the attack drone,” the specialist notes.

The expert writes that UAVs will be especially useful "for actions in dangerous conditions, where it is undesirable to send a person", for example, "opening the developed air defense system (air defense) of the enemy before entering manned aircraft or reconnaissance and hitting well-protected targets." “A group of several drones in constant contact with a fighter can effectively control much more air and water space than a single aircraft,” Lavrov said.

In September, the Russian Ministry of Defense for the first time published a video of the joint flight of the Su-57 and S-70 Okhotnik.


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