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Su-57 will receive cryptographic protection

Promising fifth-generation fighters, the Su-57, will receive a unified communications, data exchange, navigation and recognition (OSNOD) system with enhanced crypto and noise immunity, Alexey Ratner, head of the Polet Flight Research and Technology Center, told TASS.

“The OSNOD system itself has been developed for a long time and has lived for several generations. The modification on the Su-57 was developed specifically for this aircraft, and today it is undergoing a state testing phase, ”the specialist said.

According to him, the system implements noise protection and noise-resistant coding with information recovery. “In addition, constant cryptographic protection of communications is ensured, that is, interception of messages in this system will not lead to anything,” the head of the center said.

In September, it was reported that the Ministry of Defense decided to create in 2024 in the Western and Southern military districts one detachment of heavy strike reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicles S-70 Okhotnik, which could become a full replacement for combat aircraft.


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