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"Symbolic" replacement of the Su-57 will receive a "flat nozzle"

The promising Russian heavy strike reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) S-70 Okhotnik will receive a flat nozzle, follows from the video published by Zvezda.

In the TV channel’s video, the representative of Sukhoi is standing with a drone model next to it, which differs from the flying demonstrator by the nozzle device, and states that this is the version of the UAV that will become serial.

“The same product that is represented in the model, at least the conceptual look reflected in it, is, of course, the development of the theme of the current prototype, only in a form suitable for serial production and for operation according to the tasks of the Ministry of Defense ", – says the interlocutor of the" Star ".

According to him, "the model that is presented on the video, which took off on August 3, is in this case a demonstrator."

The interlocutor explained the name of the S-70 UAV program “Hunter” as “symbolism in terms of the tasks that he will have to carry out in the future.” “S-70 is also a certain symbolism, except that this is the serial number of the topic in the design bureau. The number 7 is generally quite happy for the Sukhoi Design Bureau (Sukhoi Design Bureau), Su-7, Su-17, Su-27, Su-57 aircraft, ”the company representative said.

In October, a TASS source in the military-industrial complex said that the S-70 Okhotnik would use weapons in 2020.

In September, Izvestia, citing the Ministry of Defense, reported that the S-70 Okhotnik could become a full-fledged replacement for combat aircraft.

In August, The Drive published that the S-70 “Okhotnik” UAV model shown at the 2019 International Aviation and Space Salon (MAKS-2019) differs from the test model in flight by the presence of a flat nozzle. Earlier that month, it became known about the first flight of this drone.

In January, a TASS source reported that the S-70 Okhotnik systems were tested on the Su-57.

In July 2018, this UAV, according to the agency, is part of the artificial intelligence (AI) prototype of the sixth generation fighter.


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