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Syrian military confessed his love for Soviet tanks and named the best

Syrian Colonel Mohamed Guni praised Soviet tanks and named the most reliable. He expressed his opinion in an interview with reporters, writes Moskovsky Komsomolets.

Guni said that he knows Soviet tanks well, since he studied at the armored academy more than 30 years ago. “We love Soviet tanks, we taught equipment. Most of all I love the T-55. Of course, the T-72 – accuracy and convenience. But the more reliable – T-55, ”said the military.

Reporters said that the T-55 is not equipped with air conditioning. The colonel replied that he was not needed in battle. “Brains are the main thing,” Guni said.

Separately, the soldier touched on the equipment of Syrian tanks. “We use night vision devices and jamming equipment,” the Syrian said. Speaking about what kind of weapon the enemy has, Guni noted that the militants mainly use equipment of American or Israeli origin.

In 2015, military expert S.K. O-Yong in his article for The National Interest portal expressed the opinion that T-54 and T-55 tanks, like AK-47 among automatic weapons, have become truly “popular” in many countries of the world, due to the ease of maintenance and use. The analyst emphasized that the “steel monsters” designed in the USSR would retain their popularity for decades, despite some military shortcomings.