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SpaceX lost the central unit Falcon Heavy

The upper stage of the super-heavy rocket Falcon Heavy has drowned during transportation to the coast of Florida. About this writes The Verge. According to a company representative, due to weather conditions and a storm, the first step could not stand on the platform and fell into the water. It is noted that the company […]

The Su-57 found a "new direction"

The fifth-generation Russian fighter, the Su-57, because of its versatility, has a competitive advantage over Western aircraft, RIA Novosti reports the deputy chief editor of Aviapanorama magazine, major general, honored military pilot of Russia, candidate of technical sciences Vladimir Popov. According to him, a single platform, on the basis of which the Su-57 was created, […]

Leap Motion Unveils Open Augmented Reality Platform

Leap Motion has announced the creation of a software and hardware platform for the development of augmented reality helmets. She created a standard version of the helmet and plans in the coming weeks to publish documentation on the hardware and software, on the basis of which third-party developers will be able to create their devices, […]

For the Far East, there were suitable tanks

40 modernized battle tanks T-80BVM first entered service with the brigade in the Far East. About this newspaper Izvestia. Previously, "eighties" were only in the European part of the country. Before modernization, the T-80s were stored at the bases as a strategic reserve. The choice fell on the T-80 machines due to the climate – […]

Russian Blockchain Week will be held at Skolkovo Technopark

On Tuesday, May 22, the Russian Blockchain Week 2018 conference will open at the Skolkovo Technopark, with more than 70 experts speaking. Co-organizer of the event – Association FinTech. The speakers will talk about how businesses and individuals can apply distributed registry technology and present real-life cases. In addition, the event will host the exhibition […]

SpaceX sues US government again

The US space company SpaceX sued the US government in connection with the fight for contracts to launch national defense satellites. It is reported by The Washington Post, with reference to court documents. The statement of the company states that the text of the claim should not be disclosed, but the final decision on its […]

Century of technology

In the XXI century – the century of information technology and large amounts of data, we all create and pass through a huge amount of information in digital form. According to recent studies, the number of these data in the global network increases exponentially. These endless photos, selfies – the desire to look better than […]

Air refueling MiG-31 hit the video

The pilots of interceptors of the MiG-31 of the Pacific Fleet, one by one and in pairs, worked an air refueling in the conditions of the Far North at an altitude of about 6.5 thousand meters at a speed of 500 kilometers per hour. The corresponding video of the Ministry of Defense of Russia posted […]