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Revealed new features of the next generation iPhone

The new generation of iPhone, which will be presented in the fall of 2019, is expected to take 3D photos. This writes Business Insider. One of the most predictable changes will be a camera with three lenses. Thus, Apple will catch up with competitors Samsung and Huawei, which have already equipped their flagships with similar […]

Microsoft again forced users to upgrade Windows 10

Microsoft has started automatic updating of Windows 10 October 2018 Update for all users three months after its release. This writes Ars Technica. Initially, the update caused a number of problems for users, including deleting files in the system. After complaints, the company stopped distributing the new version of the OS and a month later […]

IPhone XI design disclosed

The network published a snapshot of the drawing of the new iPhone, which, according to rumors, will be called XI. The image appeared on the site / leaks. The drawing shows that the smartphone will be the same shape as the iPhone X and Xs. The main feature is the cut-out under the camera, which […]

Su-57 arm faster

All serial fighters of the fifth generation Su-57 will be armed with modern aviation weapons of destruction, superior to their foreign counterparts, Lieutenant-General Anatoly Gulyaev, head of the main armament department of the Russian Armed Forces, told Red Star. According to him, we are talking about, in particular, the sets of aviation weapons used from […]

Roscosmos has compiled a code of ethics

Roscosmos has prepared a code of professional ethics for astronauts. The document is posted on the portal of draft regulatory legal acts. If the code is approved, the basic principles of astronauts' professional behavior will be legality, justice, professionalism, responsibility and humanity. Among other things, astronauts will need to refrain from public speaking and assessments […]

"Roskosmos" could not fly "at random"

The decision to postpone the launch of the Russian-German observatory "Spectr-RG" is explained by the need to interrupt the accident rate in the Russian space industry, reports TASS with reference to the statement of Roskosmos CEO Dmitry Rogozin. “To fly at random … Probably, before such decisions could be made, but not now. We can […]