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Weaknesses C-400 considered an advantage

The "weaknesses" of the S-400 Triumph identified by the American analytical organization Stratfor emphasize its excellent characteristics, writes the Military-Industrial Courier, deputy president of the Russian Academy of Missile and Artillery Sciences (RARAN) on information policy, Doctor of Military Sciences Konstantin Sivkov. The specialist discussed the three “vulnerabilities” reported by Stratfor. Among them, the first […]

Difference between C-350 and C-400 is named

The S-400 Triumph anti-aircraft missile system (ZRK) surpasses, especially after the 40N6 and S-350 Vityaz missiles are used in service, in terms of the range of targets, but inferior in terms of ammunition and mobility, the Military Industrial Courier reports. The newspaper asks a question about the expediency of taking the Vityaz S-350 into service, […]

In Russia, listed all US targets C-400

The S-400 Triumph anti-aircraft missile system (ZRK) is capable of striking nine types of targets, seven of which are American, follows from the Russian weapons infographic RIA Novosti. The agency notes that the Triumph C-400 can destroy strategic aviation aircraft (B-52 Stratofortress heavy bomber-bomber, B-1 Lancer supersonic bomber with variable sweep wing bomber and F-111 […]

In India, they were afraid of Russia because of the C-400

India, despite US pressure, will buy Russian C-400 anti-aircraft missile systems (SAM), otherwise “the Russians will be annoyed,” and Delhi’s refusal of the deal with Moscow will cause “serious consequences,” writes The Print. “Remember that this is not only about Russian fighters and the air defense system (air defense). In many areas, such as the […]

In the West, remembered the "main flaw" of the C-400

Russia traditionally lags behind the West in aircraft manufacturing, but is ahead of it in military rocket production. This was stated by Deutsche Welle Richard Connolly of the University of Birmingham (UK). Thus, the expert explained the popularity of the Triumph S-400 Russian anti-aircraft missile system (ZRS) in the world. “The C-400 costs about half […]