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SpaceX called the cause of the explosion Crew Dragon

The cause of the explosion on the Crew Dragon manned spacecraft on April 20 during ground tests was the failure of the non-return valve of the propellant helium propulsion system, SpaceX reports. The American company notes that the incident, which occurred 0.1 seconds before the launch of the SuperDraco engines of the emergency rescue system […]

Canadian tankers called the T-72 "the best choice"

The Soviet T-72 tank is “rougher” and tighter than the German Leopard of the 1990s, which in no way affects the ability of the former to “embed” the latter, Rossiyskaya Gazeta writes. “The low silhouette and the large 125-mm D-81TM gun allowed him to slam into NATO,” the official Russian government newspaper quotes the recollections […]

US through China called Russia's “unsuccessful” weapon

International arms sales of Russia and China are accompanied by deliveries of “unsuccessful systems” and “insufficient training,” Breaking Defense reports a statement by US Assistant Secretary of State for Political Affairs Clark Cooper. He illustrated his position with several examples. In particular, one of the four Harbin Z-9 multi-purpose helicopters (licensed copy of the French […]

Russian T-15 Armata called easy target

Russian BM-03, Urava-Kord and Arbalet-DM, Belarusian Adunok and Ukrainian BM-1B Grom are vivid examples of what modern combat modules (BM) should not be, writes Military industrial courier. " "In these and other similar developments, rationality is left to the blind copying of Western models, and not of the most combat-ready armies," the newspaper says, evaluating […]

China called the purchase condition of the Su-57

China may consider purchasing a fifth-generation Russian fighter, the Su-57, after comparing its capabilities with its own production aircraft, writes Huanqiu Shibao. The Chinese state newspaper notes that in recent years, Beijing has achieved significant success in the aircraft industry, in particular, it has begun to supply its own production equipment to foreign markets, and […]