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Why use a proxy server?

Often we are faced with the fact that when using the Internet, we need to hide our own IP address. Let's say your address is banned on some site, well, or a foreign site is simply blocked for your country. What to do in this situation? For such cases, there is a simple and quick […]

How to transfer your site to a new hosting?

And so you decided to change your hosting provider and transfer your site to another hosting. The reason you made this decision can be completely different. Maybe the quality of the services provided does not suit you or the speed of work is low, or maybe they just found a better offer. The first thing […]

Video Player Overview for Windows

With the advent of a personal computer, humanity began to spend a lot of time behind it. They are used both for work and for entertainment. We all play games, chat and watch movies. But in order to make watching movies convenient, a standard video player is not enough. And then we begin to look […]

Revealed the power of the new iPhone 11

The network published the results of iPhone 11 performance tests in the Geekbench application. About it writes Macrumors. The smartphone will receive a six-core processor with a frequency of 2.6 gigahertz and four gigabytes of RAM. According to rumors, these are the characteristics that the new iPhone Xr, called the iPhone 11, will get. So, […]

What kind of server to choose for your site?

Having built a small business and made a profit, each entrepreneur begins to think about its expansion. And here the question arises of storing large amounts of information and databases that many people will use. In the recent past, businessmen had to buy powerful servers, hire a staff of specialists to service them. With the […]

Apple will introduce its largest iPhone

Apple will launch three smartphones this year, including the largest iPhone of those that already existed. It is reported by Bloomberg, citing its sources. According to the agency, among the new products will also be an updated version of the iPhone X and a less expensive model of the flagship with some of the key […]

In "Roskosmos" decided to restore order

"Roskosmos" continues to "restore order and further decriminalization" of the Russian space industry, reports TASS statement of the official representative of the state corporation Vladimir Ustimenko. According to the manager, the management of Roscosmos got acquainted with the results of the inspection by the General Prosecutor’s Office of industrial enterprises, and “actively promoted it by […]