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A pair of F-35 described the "sky penis"

Two fighters of the fifth generation F-35 Lightning II of the 56th Fighter Wing of the United States Air Force on May 28 during a training flight over Luke Base in Arizona left a contrail in the sky, resembling a penis, reports The Aviationist. The corresponding image of the trail can be found, for example, […]

F-35 helped the Su-35

The delivery of fifth-generation F-35 Lightning II fighter jets to Arab countries is unlikely due to the position of Israel, so the United Arab Emirates and other Gulf states can buy Russian fighter jets of the 4 ++ Su-35. This writes the "Military Industrial Courier" with reference to an informed source. “Six (Israeli) companies are […]

The United States found 13 problems with the F-35

The fifth-generation F-35 Lightning II fighters have 13 of the most serious problems of category 1, affecting the effectiveness of their missions, reports Defense News. According to the documents received at the disposal of the publication, the fighter’s shortcomings, in particular, include the inability of the allies to use the ALIS (Autonomic Logistics Information System) […]

F-35 will increase the range

Fifth-generation fighters F-35A Lightning II and F-35I Adir will increase the range, reports Aviation Week. The American magazine writes that Lockheed Martin is currently considering the possibility of placing on external hangers under the wings of an aircraft discharged fuel tanks with a capacity of 600 gallons (about 2.3 thousand liters), which will increase the […]

Russia will protect the Crimea from the F-35

One of the air regiments based in Crimea will be reequipped for fighter jets of the 4 ++ Su-35S generation, Izvestia was told in the Russian Defense Ministry. The newspaper writes that the Su-35S will become a reserve for the grouping of Russian troops in Syria, and can also fight fifth-generation fighter jets. “Su-35S was […]