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Russian containment by the “northern” F-35s failed

The fifth-generation F-35A Lightning II fighter’s brake parachute of the Royal Norwegian Air Force is not reliable enough and needs to be improved, Defense News writes. According to the American publication, the requirements provide for 1 contingency situation per 10,000 when opening a parachute, which is currently not complied with. Defense News writes that flight […]

British F-35s first boarded Queen Elizabeth

The fifth-generation British fighter F-35 Lightning for the first time landed on the aircraft carrier Queen Elizabeth, according to the Royal Navy (Navy) of Great Britain. The corresponding video is published on Twitter. In a press release, the Navy notes that the planes were controlled by the pilots of the Royal Navy and the Air […]

In the USA, they proposed “to spite Putin” to give Turkey the Turkish F-35s to

Approximately 30 units of fifth-generation fighter aircraft F-35 Lightning II of American production, originally intended for Turkey, can be offered to existing or potential customers, Defense One writes. The American publication writes that Poland could become one of the main potential buyers of the aircraft. Another Defense One publication notes that the United States, instead […]