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Russian T-90S in India bursts a barrel

During firing at the Pokhran army training ground in Jaisalmer (India), a gun barrel was blown up by a powerful explosion near the T-90S tank, India Today reports. No one was hurt as a result of the incident. The reason for the rupture of the trunk has not yet been named. An investigation has been […]

India "ate" expensive Su-30MKI

The Indian company Hindustan Aeronautics will curtail licensed production of Russian fourth-generation fighter Su-30MKIs in March 2020 if it does not receive new orders for such aircraft, sources told Defense News. A similar decision, the newspaper notes, will lead to the cessation of the work of approximately 400 local suppliers producing about six thousand components […]

In India, the F-21 “beat” the MiG-35

India may acquire American F-21 fighters, rather than Russian MiG-35s, because it is interested in modern avionics technologies and effective simulators, writes Free Press. “Thus, for a long time the well-known lag of Russia behind the USA in the field of IT-technologies practically erased all its other achievements to the Russian manufacturer,” the publication believes. […]

In India, they were afraid of Russia because of the C-400

India, despite US pressure, will buy Russian C-400 anti-aircraft missile systems (SAM), otherwise “the Russians will be annoyed,” and Delhi’s refusal of the deal with Moscow will cause “serious consequences,” writes The Print. “Remember that this is not only about Russian fighters and the air defense system (air defense). In many areas, such as the […]