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Named an effective way to turn Mars into Earth

Researchers at Harvard University, NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and the University of Edinburgh have identified a way in which individual regions on Mars can be made habitable. This may be the first stage of the terraforming of the Red Planet. This was reported in a press release on According to experts, it is possible […]

Named the condition for the successful exploration of Mars

Scientists at Harvard University (USA) found that resveratrol, contained in red wine, prevents muscle loss in rats that lived under the reduced gravity characteristic of Mars. This substance will help to cope with the adverse effects of microgravity on the colonists. This was reported in a press release on To simulate the attraction on […]

Signs of a monstrous catastrophe found on Mars

An international team of scientists discovered signs of a giant tsunami that happened on Mars billions of years ago when an asteroid fell. Due to a collision with a celestial body, the Martian crater of Lomonosov arose. This was reported in a press release on Planetologists have discovered geological formations, which in their structure […]

Musk showed the ship for the colonization of Mars

The founder of the American company SpaceX, Elon Musk, introduced a prototype of a reusable spacecraft that can transport cargo and astronauts to Mars and the Moon. The presentation was broadcast online in the official Twitter account of the company. The spacecraft was called Starship. Its length is 50 meters, and the mass excluding fuel […]

Revealed a sure way to colonize Mars

Scientists at Southeastern Nova University in the United States believe that the first "colonists" on Mars should be microbes, viruses, and fungi before humans settle on the planet. It is reported by Science Alert. According to the publication, the idea of ​​settling Mars with microorganisms is contrary to long-standing principles that do not allow pollution […]

NASA showed Curiosity from Mars

NASA published images of the Mars rover Curiosity from the orbit of Mars. The relevant photos were posted on Twitter. It is noted that the image, where the rover is visible only in the form of a small dot, is made on clay territory in the Gale Crater. NASA noted that the image was taken […]

Earthquake first recorded on Mars

For the first time in history, the French seismograph SEIS recorded small earthquakes on Mars. About this, the French space agency CNES reported on Twitter. It is noted that the "weak but distinct" seismic signal was detected on April 6 – the 128th day of the Martian mission SEIS. According to CNES, it resembles the […]

On Mars, recorded a unique phenomenon

Scientists at the University of Arizona (USA) discovered processes on Mars that have no analogues on Earth. These include the relatively rapid movement of sand dunes in a rarefied atmosphere. About it reports the Science Alert. The researchers followed the changes in 54 dune fields, covering 495 individual dunes in height from 2 to 120 […]

Signs of life found on Mars

NASA experts investigated the data of the Curiosity rover and found in the atmosphere of Mars a significant amount of methane, which indirectly may indicate the presence of living beings on the planet. It is reported by The New York Times. Scientists have requested additional information from the rover. They intend to conduct new experiments […]