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Revealed the power of the new iPhone 11

The network published the results of iPhone 11 performance tests in the Geekbench application. About it writes Macrumors. The smartphone will receive a six-core processor with a frequency of 2.6 gigahertz and four gigabytes of RAM. According to rumors, these are the characteristics that the new iPhone Xr, called the iPhone 11, will get. So, […]

The pilot revealed the advantages of the Su-57

Test pilot Sergei Bogdan in an interview with the TV channel “Star” shared his impressions of the Su-57 fighter. According to Bogdan, most of the characteristics of the Su-57 are similar to the Su-35. Despite this, at supersonic speed, the new fighter has no equal. Separately, it is emphasized that the aircraft does a well-controlled […]

Revealed SpaceX revenue for 2018

The US company SpaceX in 2018 earned about two billion dollars on launches of its own Falcon 9 heavy missiles, which is higher than that of its competitors from the United States and other countries, reports CNBC with reference to materials from the investment bank Jefferies Group. SpaceX is also followed by two US companies: […]

Revealed new features of the next generation iPhone

The new generation of iPhone, which will be presented in the fall of 2019, is expected to take 3D photos. This writes Business Insider. One of the most predictable changes will be a camera with three lenses. Thus, Apple will catch up with competitors Samsung and Huawei, which have already equipped their flagships with similar […]

The designer revealed the possibilities of the C-500

The promising Russian anti-aircraft missile system S-500 Prometheus is capable of fighting all types of ballistic targets, Deputy Director General for Science and Technology Development – First Deputy General Designer of the Almaz-Antey Concern told Sergey Druzin. “The C-500 has a broader type of targets. The system can also be used to combat ballistic targets […]

New generation iPhone features revealed

The Bloomberg publication revealed a number of characteristics of the new iPhone, which will be presented in the autumn of 2019. According to the publication, Apple plans to release three smartphones. All of them will receive the new A13 processor, which will be mass produced in May. Also, the next iPhone Xs and Xs Max […]