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US tested hypersonic rocket sled

The U.S. Air Force Testing Center (U.S. Air Force) uploaded a video of a missile sled on YouTube that managed to reach a speed of Mach 8.6 (10,620 kilometers per hour) on a track located at Holloman Air Base (New Mexico). Details of the test are not reported. According to The Drive, the airbase "could […]

In the US, announced the "real" hypersonic rocket

The US military-industrial company Raytheon on the eve of the opening of the Paris Air Show 2019 aerospace show (France) announced a promising hypersonic rocket, which will receive a hypersonic ramjet engine (RAC), reports Aviation Week. The publication writes that the company's published image of weapons does not show air intakes, and recalls that "manufacturers […]

SpaceX successfully launched super heavy rocket

American SpaceX from the site 39A of the Kennedy Space Center (USA) conducted the third launch of the super-heavy Falcon Heavy rocket, according to the company's Twitter. The carrier must, within six hours, launch 24 spacecraft into three different orbits, including satellites in the interests of the United States Air Force (Air Force) and the […]