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Russian Su-57 found a new buyer

Myanmar could become another buyer of the fifth-generation Russian fighter Su-57. It is reported by MilitaryWatch. According to the publication, such information appeared against the backdrop of rapidly developing military-technical cooperation between the two countries. It is known that at present the bulk of Myanmar’s military aviation is made up of Russian MiG-29 light fighters. […]

Russian T-14 Armata turned out to be a "toy"

The crews of the Armata T-14 tanks will actually be “gamers,” Army General Alexei Maslov, special representative of Uralvagonzavod (UVZ) for military-technical cooperation, told TASS. According to him, for the T-14 tankers, Armata provides "new conditions for warfare." “By and large, they become" gamers. " The crew sees everything, but using instruments. We used to […]

Shooting of Russian "Daggers" showed on video

In the area of ​​the Franz Josef Land archipelago in the north of the Barents Sea, the exercises of the Arctic group of the Northern Fleet of the Russian Navy took place. The Ministry of Defense on its official YouTube channel published a video of firing from the anti-aircraft missile system (SAM) “Dagger”. The video […]

Russian supersonic Onyx will improve

Mid-range P-800 Onyx universal anti-ship anti-ship missiles will be improved, TASS was told in the Reutov Scientific and Production Association of Mechanical Engineering (NPO Mashinostroyeniya). “Yes, we proposed improving the flight performance of Onyx missiles to increase the effectiveness of this anti-ship complex,” an NGO said. The specific characteristics of the product to be changed […]

Russian T-15 Armata called easy target

Russian BM-03, Urava-Kord and Arbalet-DM, Belarusian Adunok and Ukrainian BM-1B Grom are vivid examples of what modern combat modules (BM) should not be, writes Military industrial courier. " "In these and other similar developments, rationality is left to the blind copying of Western models, and not of the most combat-ready armies," the newspaper says, evaluating […]

Russian T-90S in India bursts a barrel

During firing at the Pokhran army training ground in Jaisalmer (India), a gun barrel was blown up by a powerful explosion near the T-90S tank, India Today reports. No one was hurt as a result of the incident. The reason for the rupture of the trunk has not yet been named. An investigation has been […]