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Japan recognized the futility of US missile defense systems against Russian mis...

Former head of the Japanese Foreign Ministry, Seiji Maehara, during parliamentary hearings last Friday, October 11, declared the impossibility of intercepting the RIM-161 Standard Missile 3 (SM-3) US-designed missiles of the Russian Iskander complex ( 9K720), reports TASS. According to the agency, Maehara interrupted the speech of the head of the Ministry of Defense Taro […]

Russian containment by the “northern” F-35s failed

The fifth-generation F-35A Lightning II fighter’s brake parachute of the Royal Norwegian Air Force is not reliable enough and needs to be improved, Defense News writes. According to the American publication, the requirements provide for 1 contingency situation per 10,000 when opening a parachute, which is currently not complied with. Defense News writes that flight […]

Russian air defense forces first arrived in Egypt

The Russian air defense forces first arrived in Egypt for joint exercises with the military of the republic. This was reported on the website of the Ministry of Defense of Russia. Friendship Arrow-2019 exercises will last 13 days, from October 26 to November 7. More than 100 Russian military personnel of the Southern Military District […]

Russian Su-57 found a new buyer

Myanmar could become another buyer of the fifth-generation Russian fighter Su-57. It is reported by MilitaryWatch. According to the publication, such information appeared against the backdrop of rapidly developing military-technical cooperation between the two countries. It is known that at present the bulk of Myanmar’s military aviation is made up of Russian MiG-29 light fighters. […]

Russian T-14 Armata turned out to be a "toy"

The crews of the Armata T-14 tanks will actually be “gamers,” Army General Alexei Maslov, special representative of Uralvagonzavod (UVZ) for military-technical cooperation, told TASS. According to him, for the T-14 tankers, Armata provides "new conditions for warfare." “By and large, they become" gamers. " The crew sees everything, but using instruments. We used to […]