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Russia recognized the ability of the S-400 to “desacralize” the F-35

In Turkey, the S-400 Triumph anti-aircraft missile systems (SAM) can “deacralize” fifth-generation F-35 Lightning II fighters, the Russian Defense Ministry reports to RIA Novosti. "The thrill and excitement of the Pentagon over the probable desacralization of F-35 fighters by Turkish S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems is not unfounded," the military department said. It also notes that […]

"Shell-C1" and S-400 "learned" to destroy

Developed by European companies Matra BAE Dynamics Alenia (MBDA) and Leonardo, the air-to-surface cruise missile Select Precision Effects At Range Electronic Warfare (SPEAR-EW) will be able to deceive the enemy’s missile defense and air defense systems (ABM and air defense), writes The Drive . The American publication notes that such missiles will facilitate the penetration […]

There was a snapshot of the "non-standard" S-400

September 11, the publication Krasnaya Zvezda newspaper of the Russian Defense Ministry’s publication “Attempted to engage in combat shooting” is accompanied by a photograph of a non-standard version of the S-400 Triumph transport launcher (TPU) of the S-400 anti-aircraft missile system, the bmpd blog post on LiveJournal says. “Previously, TPU 5P85SM2 from the S-400 air […]

F-35I "deceived" S-400

Fifth-generation fighter Adir Air Force (Air Force) F-35I of Israel July 19 during the attack on the Ashraf camp, located northeast of Baghdad (Iraq), used the callsign F-35A Lightning II US Air Force. This was written on Twitter by military analyst from Malta Babak Tagway. The expert is sure that this circumstance provoked Iraq’s request […]

In the United States called the "vulnerability" S-400

Russian anti-aircraft missile system (SAM) S-400 Triumph is vulnerable to a massive attack by the enemy, according to Stratfor. The report of the American analytical organization says that the effective operation of the S-400 Triumph requires support from other air defense systems, while in some regions of the Middle East only air defense batteries are […]