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SpaceX recognized the death of a manned spacecraft Crew Dragon

SpaceX confirmed that the Crew Dragon manned spacecraft was killed during the tests. This is reported by CNN. Vice President Hans Koenigsmann (Hans Koenigsmann) told reporters that the disaster occurred just before the launch of the SuperDraco engines used in the emergency rescue system. The investigation into the causes of the incident continues. According to […]

SpaceX has launched the Dragon ship to the ISS

The US company SpaceX launched a Falcon 9 launch vehicle with a Dragon cargo spacecraft to the International Space Station (ISS). This was reported by the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) on Saturday, May 4th. According to the organization, the 17th launch of the carrier took place from the 40th launch complex at […]

SpaceX sues US government again

The US space company SpaceX sued the US government in connection with the fight for contracts to launch national defense satellites. It is reported by The Washington Post, with reference to court documents. The statement of the company states that the text of the claim should not be disclosed, but the final decision on its […]

Revealed SpaceX revenue for 2018

The US company SpaceX in 2018 earned about two billion dollars on launches of its own Falcon 9 heavy missiles, which is higher than that of its competitors from the United States and other countries, reports CNBC with reference to materials from the investment bank Jefferies Group. SpaceX is also followed by two US companies: […]

SpaceX launched 60 satellites for the global Internet

The Falcon 9 launch vehicle owned by SpaceX Ilona Mask launched 60 satellites into orbit as part of the Starlink mission, designed to create global access to high-performance Internet. At the same time, the successful deployment of spacecraft was confirmed, according to the company's Twitter page. The launch of Falcon 9 took place on Friday, […]

Rogozin refused to take Mask to work at Roscosmos

Director General of "Roscosmos" Dmitry Rogozin said he would not hire the founder of SpaceX Ilona Mask. On this Saturday, June 8, reports Tass. When a journalist asked if Mask should be invited to work at Roskosmos to create reusable rockets, Rogozin replied in the negative, stating that “you need to raise yours.” The head […]

SpaceX launched all 27 Falcon Heavy engines at once

The US company SpaceX on the site 39A of the Kennedy Space Center (USA) conducted a “quick” fire tests of the engines Merlin 1D super-heavy Falcon rocket, reports Teslarati. The publication notes that we are talking about the short inclusion of the power units of the central unit and a pair of lateral accelerators of […]

SpaceX will send ashes into space

On board the super-heavy rocket Falcon Heavy, the launch of which is scheduled for June 24, will be the dust of 152 people, according to Business Insider. Falcon Heavy will bring into orbit the ashes belonging to Celestis Memorial Spaceflights clients. This company regularly buys free space on space ships and sets up a container […]

SpaceX successfully launched super heavy rocket

American SpaceX from the site 39A of the Kennedy Space Center (USA) conducted the third launch of the super-heavy Falcon Heavy rocket, according to the company's Twitter. The carrier must, within six hours, launch 24 spacecraft into three different orbits, including satellites in the interests of the United States Air Force (Air Force) and the […]

SpaceX lost satellites

SpaceX lost satellites

The American company Space Х could lose more than three of the sixty Starlink satellites launched in May, American astronomer Jonathan McDowell writes on Twitter. According to the data of the scientist, eight Starlink spacecraft are moving along anomalous trajectories, while the rest have practically reached the calculated orbits. In June, it was reported that […]