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The pilot revealed the advantages of the Su-57

Test pilot Sergei Bogdan in an interview with the TV channel “Star” shared his impressions of the Su-57 fighter. According to Bogdan, most of the characteristics of the Su-57 are similar to the Su-35. Despite this, at supersonic speed, the new fighter has no equal. Separately, it is emphasized that the aircraft does a well-controlled […]

The appearance of the Su-57 in Syria explained

Two pre-production samples of the fifth-generation fighter Su-57 appeared in Syria with the goal of advertising Russian weapons, writes Zvezda. According to the weekly, it was then that "the first demonstration of the latest Russian combat aircraft in a real war" took place. “Moreover, the demonstration, clearly designed to attract foreign attention, including from potential […]

China called the purchase condition of the Su-57

China may consider purchasing a fifth-generation Russian fighter, the Su-57, after comparing its capabilities with its own production aircraft, writes Huanqiu Shibao. The Chinese state newspaper notes that in recent years, Beijing has achieved significant success in the aircraft industry, in particular, it has begun to supply its own production equipment to foreign markets, and […]

Su-57 non-standard sat

On training flights in Zhukovsky (Moscow region), preceding a performance at the 2019 International Aviation and Space Salon (MAKS-2019), the promising fifth-generation fighter Su-57 non-standard sat down, releasing brake parachutes before touching the strip, writes Rossiyskaya Gazeta. The publication, which drew attention to the airplane video that appeared on the network, suggests that “the unusual […]

Su-57 performed "Pugachev's cobra" and "flat corkscrew"

On training flights in Zhukovsky (Moscow Region), promising fifth-generation Su-57 fighters performed aerobatics, which are planned to be demonstrated at the 2019 International Aviation and Space Salon (MAKS-2019), Rossiyskaya Gazeta writes. The publication, which drew attention to the video appeared on the network with three airplanes, notes that “in the group fighters demonstrate synchronized actions, […]

Su-57 will strengthen "Russian desperation"

A promising fifth-generation fighter Su-57, managed by an experienced Russian pilot, will prove to be a particularly powerful weapon, Honored Test Pilot, Hero of Russia Yuri Vashchuk told Zvezda. According to him, the Su-57 is the pride of the Aerospace Forces (VKS) of Russia, which has no equal in the world today. “In addition to […]

"Noticeable" Su-57 air intakes were explained

In the fifth-generation Russian fighter, the Su-57 uses direct rather than S-shaped air intakes, since the first design allows you to increase engine power due to greater air flow and obtain internal compartments for larger missile and bomb weapons, writes the Free Press. The publication notes that air intakes with direct ducts in the Su-57 […]