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US named the main problem of its hypersonic weapons

The main difficulty in creating American hypersonic weapons is the organization of a supply chain of appropriate components, which would facilitate the production of the required number of samples of such equipment, Breaking Defense writes. This statement, according to the American publication, was made by one of the leading experts at Lockheed Martin Eric Sherff. […]

Revealed a sure way to colonize Mars

Scientists at Southeastern Nova University in the United States believe that the first "colonists" on Mars should be microbes, viruses, and fungi before humans settle on the planet. It is reported by Science Alert. According to the publication, the idea of ​​settling Mars with microorganisms is contrary to long-standing principles that do not allow pollution […]

US wants 40 hypersonic weapon tests

Doubling the cost of hypersonic technology in fiscal year 2020 will allow the Pentagon to conduct about 40 tests of the corresponding aircraft in 2020-2024, Breaking Defense reports. “At the Pentagon, you cannot walk more than ten feet [about three meters] without hearing about hypersound,” said Mark Lewis, an expert at the Institute for Defense […]