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"Dagger" wanted to "land" because of the United States

The termination of the Treaty on the Elimination of Intermediate-Range and Short-Range Missiles (INF Treaty) allows Russia to create a ground-based version of the dagger aircraft complex, writes Military-Industrial Courier. To this end, it is proposed to add the second stage with the 9X820 engine from the 9M723 rocket of the Iskander-M complex to the […]

In the United States called the "vulnerability" S-400

Russian anti-aircraft missile system (SAM) S-400 Triumph is vulnerable to a massive attack by the enemy, according to Stratfor. The report of the American analytical organization says that the effective operation of the S-400 Triumph requires support from other air defense systems, while in some regions of the Middle East only air defense batteries are […]

The United States found 13 problems with the F-35

The fifth-generation F-35 Lightning II fighters have 13 of the most serious problems of category 1, affecting the effectiveness of their missions, reports Defense News. According to the documents received at the disposal of the publication, the fighter’s shortcomings, in particular, include the inability of the allies to use the ALIS (Autonomic Logistics Information System) […]