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"Russian F-35B" wanted to put a "one and a half engine"

The most suitable Russian fighter for short take-off and vertical landing (KVVP) is a combined power plant (KSU), the individual components of which were successfully tested by the USSR in the 1980s, write in the Military-Industrial Courier doctor of technical sciences, an expert from Rybinsk Saturn Vasily Bogdanov and lead engineer of the aerodynamics department […]

"Dagger" wanted to "land" because of the United States

The termination of the Treaty on the Elimination of Intermediate-Range and Short-Range Missiles (INF Treaty) allows Russia to create a ground-based version of the dagger aircraft complex, writes Military-Industrial Courier. To this end, it is proposed to add the second stage with the 9X820 engine from the 9M723 rocket of the Iskander-M complex to the […]