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Anchor links: subtleties of website promotion

Every novice webmaster, at the stage of promoting his projects, is faced with the need to insert anchor links. It is worth noting that there are two types of anchor links, external (which lead to other sites) and internal (which redirect users between the pages of one site. Both types are important to promote your […]

How to choose a hosting for a future website

Every website needs a web hosting – a company that provides servers where the website is stored and served. On you can find the key advantages for servicing your Internet sites. In this article, we'll walk through simple steps to help you find the right web host. How to choose hosting Determine the needs […]

What is SEO website promotion for?

Why does a company need a website at all? A website is a meeting place for your company with potential customers. This is a virtual office of your campaign or store, where you meet your customers, tell them about yourself, offer your products and services. But the site itself, without competent promotion, is of no […]

How the website is created.

Website creation is something common today. We don’t think about how it happens and how much effort is invested in development. Today, experts from the Krasnodar Art-Web studio will tell us about this – Good day! Tell us how the website creation begins, and what stages it goes through. – Hello! To begin with, […]