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Windows Server relevance

For the correct organization of the IT infrastructure in an enterprise, a server OS is needed. For correct operation, it is recommended to buy a license for Windows Server and use it in accordance with the recommendations of specialists. Underestimation of the significance of this factor makes it difficult to create a unified IT infrastructure […]

What is better windows 8 or windows 10?

With the release of Windows 10, a heated debate arose over the network about which operating system is better than 10 or 8. They do not cease to this day, and we decided to figure out what is better than Windows 8 or Windows 10? First of all, it is worth considering the fact that […]

Video Player Overview for Windows

With the advent of a personal computer, humanity began to spend a lot of time behind it. They are used both for work and for entertainment. We all play games, chat and watch movies. But in order to make watching movies convenient, a standard video player is not enough. And then we begin to look […]

Microsoft has unveiled the new design of Windows

In the test version of the Microsoft Windows operating system under the number 20H1 Build 18947, a new design for the Control Center and the Start menu were found. This version of the operating system is internal and not intended for testing by third parties. However, due to a Microsoft error, participants in the Windows […]

Microsoft accidentally declassified a new Windows

Microsoft has mistakenly published on its own website the details of the Windows 10 version based on the ARM architecture. Later information was removed, writes The Verge. At the end of 2017, Microsoft announced that it was working on a special version of Windows 10 for mobile chips. Partners of the company are already preparing […]

Google uncovers a dangerous Windows vulnerability

Google developers in the Project Zero project discovered a vulnerability in the Microsoft Edge browser. For a long time, the company did not report the vulnerability, but Microsoft did not have time to fix it, writes The Verge. In the Windows 10 Creators Update, Arbitrary Code Guard (ACG) technology was introduced to protect against attacks […]

Microsoft again forced users to upgrade Windows 10

Microsoft has started automatic updating of Windows 10 October 2018 Update for all users three months after its release. This writes Ars Technica. Initially, the update caused a number of problems for users, including deleting files in the system. After complaints, the company stopped distributing the new version of the OS and a month later […]