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The child has blocked the iPhone for 47 years

A little boy from Shanghai, China blocked his mother's iPhone for 47 years. This tells the South China Morning Post.

Parent left her son with a gadget alone, and she was distracted by business. It was assumed that the baby will watch educational videos. But something went wrong, and the child was asked to enter a password to unlock the phone.

He constantly entered the wrong set of numbers. As a result, the time after which the code can be entered again accumulated up to 47 years.

The woman tried to repair the iPhone from the master. But he said that nothing could be done, and in his practice there were cases when the phone was blocked for 80 years.

Now, a woman thinks whether to throw out her useless iPhone or give it to her grandchildren after 47 years to unlock it with the words “it was your father’s mistake”.

On March 4, it was reported that the average lifetime of Apple's equipment is about four years. In total, about 1.3 billion devices of this company are currently used in the world.

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