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The pilot revealed the advantages of the Su-57

Test pilot Sergei Bogdan in an interview with the TV channel “Star” shared his impressions of the Su-57 fighter.

According to Bogdan, most of the characteristics of the Su-57 are similar to the Su-35. Despite this, at supersonic speed, the new fighter has no equal. Separately, it is emphasized that the aircraft does a well-controlled corkscrew, quickly rotates and stops.

“It splendidly accelerates and goes at some stratospheric heights at high speeds,” Bogdan said. “The wildest is absolutely acceleration, that is, it presses into the chair so, well, it’s simply unimaginable.”

Serial production of the Su-57 began in July 2019. “The first aircraft will be handed over to the customer before the end of 2019,” said Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov in the office then. Also, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the purchase of 76 Su-57 units for the Russian Aerospace Forces in the period until 2028.