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The shortened take-off of the F-35B hit the video

The shortened take-off of the fifth generation F-35B Lightning II fighter of the United States Marine Corps (ILC) from the deck of the Wasp-type universal landing ship in the Coral Sea was filmed. The corresponding video was published on Facebook by the Navy.

In October 2018, the Queen Elizabeth F-35B Lightning II on the Royal Royal Navy (Navy) aircraft carrier of the United Kingdom successfully successfully made a vertical landing with mileage.

In April of that year, it was reported that the F-35 Lightning II had "Russian DNA."

The F-35 Lightning II family of stealth fifth-generation multi-functional fighters has been developed and manufactured since 2001 by the American corporation Lockheed Martin. The fighter is available in three versions: A (for the air force), B (with a short take-off and a vertical landing) and C (deck).


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