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The Su-57 found a "new direction"

The fifth-generation Russian fighter, the Su-57, because of its versatility, has a competitive advantage over Western aircraft, RIA Novosti reports the deputy chief editor of Aviapanorama magazine, major general, honored military pilot of Russia, candidate of technical sciences Vladimir Popov.

According to him, a single platform, on the basis of which the Su-57 was created, can be used "for an interceptor fighter, for air combat, for covering ground objects, used as a ground attack aircraft, as a melee bomber for striking." “Also included, including optical-electronic countermeasures, is a new direction that was not so vividly and comprehensively represented in any aircraft. The fighter has new navigation and can use the whole range of weapons, ”said the expert.

According to the major general, airplanes of generation 4 ++ are still used by the military, despite the appearance of the fifth-generation vehicle, since the former are cheaper than the latter, but their characteristics are comparable to them. “So why abandon these fighters, which can perform almost the same functions as fifth-generation aircraft. The only thing is that the effect of stealth is less, and this must always be understood and noted, ”the honored military pilot of Russia noted.

In May, it was reported that mobile hangars will be manufactured to work with Su-57 fighters, where it will be possible to track the status of stealth coverage of the vehicles.

On May 15, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the purchase of 76 Su-57 aircraft in the period up to 2028. According to the head of state, the purchase of 76 fighter jets instead of the planned 16 was made possible, thanks to a 20% reduction in producer prices.

In the same month, it was reported that due to US sanctions for composite materials, the Su-57 could become "all-metal", which "could affect the high-tech apparatus."

In December last year, The National Interest wrote that the Su-57 uses outdated stealth technology, which is useless against modern radars. It is, in particular, that the fighters will receive a "pixel" color, reducing the optical visibility of the machine. According to the publication, this technology was relevant in the XX century, but not in the XXI.