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The timing of the launch of the first returned Russian rocket, like SpaceX, became known

The first reusable Russian rocket can be launched in 2020. This was reported to TASS by the owner of the company Laros Oleg Larionov.

According to him, the rocket will be displayed at a height of 120-130 kilometers, after which a dynamic landing will be practiced (the rocket lands on its tail at zero speed due to engine operation). “That is, we launch a rocket, deploy it and plant it further, as Musk does (an American entrepreneur, head of SpaceX),” said Larionov.

The missile will enter the line of reusable light-launch vehicles (LV), which will work on a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and aviation kerosene. The first version of the rocket will be a single-stage suborbital carrier with a 500 kilogram thrust engine.

In March, Musk praised Russian rocket technology, in particular the Angara launch vehicle. He said that in Russia there are “excellent” rockets, as well as the “best available” engine. He also added that the reusable version of the Angara launch vehicle would be “great.”


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