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US planned breakthrough of air defense of Kaliningrad region

The Pentagon has a plan to break through the multilayer air defense (Air Defense) of the Kaliningrad region, reports Breaking Defense statement of the commander of the US Air Force (US Air Force) in Europe Jeffrey Harrigan.

“We are training for this. We think about these plans all the time, and … if it is ever needed, we will be ready, ”the military said at the Air, Space & Cyber ​​(ASC) conference of the Air Force Association.

Harrigan did not disclose the details of the plan to break through the air defense of the Kaliningrad region, however, the publication writes that in this case we are talking about a multi-domain operation, involving simultaneous exposure of enemy targets to air, ground, sea and space systems, as well as the use of cyber weapons and electronic warfare systems (EW) )

In September, a source in the Russian Ministry of Defense said that US-made air defense systems (air defense systems) could not repel an attack by drones in Saudi Arabia due to a mismatch with the declared characteristics.

In the same month, the American experts of the Science and Global Security (SGS) project posted a video on YouTube demonstrating possible scenarios for the development of a nuclear conflict between Russia and NATO countries, in particular, the United States, in which Moscow, which attacked from the Kaliningrad region, was the initiator of the first nuclear strike. positions on the border of Poland and Germany.

In August, Harrigan announced that the United States has been actively collecting data on Russian military equipment and its capabilities in Syria over the past year and a half.


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