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US through China called Russia's “unsuccessful” weapon

International arms sales of Russia and China are accompanied by deliveries of “unsuccessful systems” and “insufficient training,” Breaking Defense reports a statement by US Assistant Secretary of State for Political Affairs Clark Cooper.

He illustrated his position with several examples. In particular, one of the four Harbin Z-9 multi-purpose helicopters (licensed copy of the French AS365 Dauphin), purchased in 2015 by Cameroon from China, crashed almost immediately after the start of operation.

Another example is that the sales representative of the Chinese side refused to sit inside the VN-4 armored personnel carrier during firing tests of equipment in Kenya, which did not prevent the country from buying these vehicles. “Since the purchase, unfortunately, dozens of Kenyan troops have reportedly been killed in these vehicles,” Cooper said.

Also, the assistant secretary of state was criticized by the Chinese drones CH-4V, found in the Middle East, which "did not function for several months." The publication citing Cooper's words does not cite similar examples of the inoperability of Russian weapons.

According to TASS, who also covered the speech of the assistant secretary of state, Cooper said that Russia is working hard to impose the S-400 Triumph anti-aircraft missile systems (AS) on the world, like the AK-47 automatic rifle.


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