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US wants to remove MIM-104 Patriot and THAAD

General Charles Brown, commander of the US Pacific Air Force (US Air Force), proposed using a laser powered by a compact nuclear reactor to protect small American military bases in the Indo-Pacific region, reports Aviation Week.

According to the magazine, directed energy weapons, which “may have a small nuclear generator,” could potentially replace such massive and large missile and air defense systems (missile defense and air defense) as the MIM-104 Patriot and Terminal High Altitude Area Defense ( THAAD).

In September, a source in the Russian Ministry of Defense said that American-made air defense systems, in particular, MIM-104 Patriot, could not repel an attack by drones in Saudi Arabia because of a mismatch with the declared characteristics.

In August, the ABM Agency, the ABM Performance Testing Agency, and the U.S. Ground Forces conducted another test of the THAAD mobile ground complex for high-altitude atmospheric interception of medium-range missiles, during which anti-missiles were launched remotely (without the direct presence of the operator on the launcher), which allows you to expand the placement of launchers and defended space.

In May, U.S. military-industrial corporation Raytheon posted an animation on Twitter demonstrating the operation of a laser system capable of intercepting missiles.

In April, the U.S. Air Force used a ground-based prototype laser system to successfully destroy several air launch rockets.


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