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USA got a new battle laser

The US military received a new laser weapon system. In the near future it will be installed on the landing ship-dock of the US Navy "Portland", reports The Drive.

The system will be placed on the ship for experimental purposes.

The combat laser system developed as part of the SSL-TM program was delivered to the US Navy base in California. The laser beam power of this system reaches 150 kilowatts, which allows you to hit, for example, small boats and drones at a distance of at least three kilometers.

The plans to equip Portland, the latest landing dock ship with a laser system, were officially announced in 2018. At the same time, the U.S. military reported that it was planned to test weapons in the fourth quarter of 2019.

In previous years, the United States has repeatedly tested various laser systems on both ships and aircraft. Back in 2012, a LaWS laser was tested on one of the American destroyers, and in 2017, Raytheon, by order of the Pentagon, tested a combat laser to equip Apache helicopters.

In the Armed Forces of Russia, according to open data, the Peresvet laser complex was put on combat alert. According to experts, it can be used to counter drones and to cover the launch positions of intercontinental ballistic missiles from reconnaissance satellites, but the operation of the complex has not yet been demonstrated.