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With the advent of a personal computer, humanity began to spend a lot of time behind it. They are used both for work and for entertainment. We all play games, chat and watch movies. But in order to make watching movies convenient, a standard video player is not enough. And then we begin to look for which video player to install, and there are a lot of them. Today, especially for you, I will present the TOP of the best video players in my opinion for Windows. All players, which will be described below, you can find and download here.

And so the first on our list will be KMPlayer. It was created by South Korean developers and supports a large number of video formats. The player also has its own set of encoders, which allows it not to hang and not to slow down. The program is presented in two versions 32 and 64 bits. The first consumes little resources and is designed for weak computers. The second version of this player has a resolution of 4k / 8k. Still right in the player, you can watch videos from the YouTube resource and download them to your computer. It is possible to view 3D video, for a Russian-speaking audience, the player is completely free.

The next player we will look at is VLC Media Player. It is a product of French programmers, and just like the previous one, it supports a large number of video formats. Its main difference from the previous one is the ability to maintain IPv4 and IPv6 network streams, and in addition to everything, it has a very simple and intuitive interface.

The next player is Light Alloy. The main advantage of this player, I consider lightness. It, like the previous ones, supports many formats, and is an ideal solution for computers with low power, so it loads quickly and does not load the system at all.

Moving on and the next on our list is the GOM Player. He has a very wide list of readable formats, he is very loyal to the file code, so that he can even show damaged files, trying to recover the lost fragment. You can also watch non-downloaded videos, you can start watching a movie before it is fully loaded.

And the last player to be discussed today will be the PowerDVD Ultra player. This video player is paid, but also one of the most powerful on the market. It supports all possible video formats. It allows you to watch video in 3D with a coverage of 360 degrees, as well as in high quality UltraHD. Another possibility of this player is to connect to a TV, which allows you to arrange a real multimedia center at home.

Choose a player for your needs and for the capabilities of your computer.

Source: sklad4ina.ru