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What do thousands of Google employees fear?

More than three thousand Google employees refuse to cooperate with the Pentagon. They wrote a collective letter to the director of the company, Sundar Pichai.

Google experts oppose the joint development of military video recognition systems for unmanned drones.

It is noteworthy that at the beginning of April, Pichai spoke on issues of cooperation between Gul and the Pentagon. He did not mention the collective letter of the company's employees, but on the contrary emphasized the importance of this cooperation.

The fact that Google is working with the US Department of Defense became known last month. Then it was about the project Maven, designed to introduce computer vision technology, which can be used to identify objects and persons in digital images.

The main goal of the Maven project is the fight against IS *.
Google says:

“Models (calculations) are based only on unclassified data. This technology is used to designate images for human viewing and is designed to save lives and save people from having to do very tiring work. ”

Google employees are educated people and understand that one day the Pentagon can use the achievements of Google experts in military operations. For example, in drones capable of attacking the enemy.

In their letter, they wrote:

“We cannot transfer the moral responsibility of our technologies to third parties.”

In addition, employees are concerned about the reputation of the technology giant. They point to safer ways to collaborate, like Amazon and Microsoft do.

It is not yet known whether Google will continue to cooperate with the military in the Maven project, but they have already begun to work with the objections of their employees. Leaders greeted them for the initiative and prepare answers to their questions.

In fact, there is really cause for concern. Autonomous killer drones are already a reality. Some commercial organizations provide services using autonomous weapons controlled by artificial intelligence.

Participants in the movement against autonomous weapons shot a small film that shows a possible future with the widespread use of these technologies.


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