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Thousands of Russian enterprises are trying to improve the results of doing business using the World Wide Web. At the same time, someone prefers to organize the sale of goods through social networks. For others, it is preferable to order a site in the format of an online store, landing page or showcase. Which of the two options is better suited for business development, taking into account its specifics, will be discussed below.

Into the knowledge box of entrepreneurs

Advertising and selling products through accounts on Instagram, VKontakte and other popular networks can become effective primarily for manufacturers who have a recognizable brand name and invest a lot of money in its promotion. Also, through social networks, you can successfully develop a business related to the provision of services in the field of catering, tourism, the beauty and repair industry.

Entrepreneurs who have chosen accounts on Instagram, Facebook, etc. to promote their service and products should understand that successful monetization of the project will require a high frequency:

create and publish viral content;
reply to subscribers' comments;
organize drawing of souvenir products;
actively cooperate with opinion leaders (bloggers).

Thus, it will take a lot of time to administer your account. Businessmen who are not ready to independently update the page with the required frequency will inevitably face the need to hire an SMM manager.

Organization of sales through a web portal is most relevant for business entities specializing in the sale of a wide range of goods from various manufacturers. A significant advantage of creating a website in comparison with using social networks is the ability to accept electronic payments. In addition, on such an e-commerce site, buyers can place an order in a few clicks and check the availability / find out the quantity of a specific product from the supplier. Promotion of a web portal involves the purchase of contextual advertising, links on partner sites, as well as the formation of a competitive semantic core.

Thus, it is important for entrepreneurs to understand that there is no ideal option for developing a business through the World Wide Web, and the choice between a website and a social network account should be guided by market conditions and personal administrative capabilities. Do not forget that the considered types of web sites can be successfully used in tandem.

Source: sklad4ina.ru

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