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Why does a company need a website at all?

A website is a meeting place for your company with potential customers. This is a virtual office of your campaign or store, where you meet your customers, tell them about yourself, offer your products and services. But the site itself, without competent promotion, is of no value. After all, if the site has no visitors, then the number of customers will be zero. It is in order to attract as many users to your site as possible that SEO promotion is used.

Why is it worth contacting specialists for promotion?

You can entrust the promotion of your site to a freelancer, a small web studio, a large agency, or to promote yourself. The best option is to cooperate with a small ved-studio such as https://dvacom.net/seo-prodvizgenie-saytov-kiev. Such studios have a professional team of different specialists, have enough experience, make each partner more expensive, and therefore develop an individual promotion strategy for each client. The cost of services of such companies is much lower than that of large agencies, and the quality is no worse. A freelancer will charge you a little, but be prepared to be someone with little experience. Rarely does such collaboration produce a good result. We also do not recommend promoting yourself. Firstly, for this you need to have knowledge and experience, and secondly, you will not be able to do two things at the same time. Therefore, you will have to choose whether to keep doing your business or promoting your website. You don't have enough time for these two things.

So, why promote the site at all?

The main goal of website promotion is to make a profit. According to statistics, 50% of customers come to the site through advertising, the other 50% through Yandex or Google search results. The higher your site is in the search results, the more customers will come to your site. Naturally, the more clients you have, the higher your income. In order for your site to rise in the search results, it must meet certain criteria by which the analytical systems Yandex and Google evaluate sites. There are a lot of these criteria, and they are constantly changing. That is why work on improving, promoting and optimizing the site must be carried out constantly. As soon as you stop promoting, the site begins to fall in search results, which means that customers go to your competitors.

Source: sklad4ina.ru

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